Book sterilizer

  • Location: Lobby, 1st floor
  • Function: book sterilizing
  • Operating imte: 1 ~ 5 Minutes
Book Sterilizer

Paper shredder

  • Location: In front of self-study room, 3rd floor
  • Maximum shredding capability at once: about 18 papers
  • Maximum width: B4(270mm)
paper shredder

Book returning box

  • Location: In front of entrance, 1st floor
  • Available at closed time only
  • Returned date will be set as the date you returned the book
  • Late fee should be paid the next time you use library services

Locker at Lobby

  • Location: Lobby, 1st floor
  • Using Locker over a day is prohibited
  • deposit 100 won (deposit will be returned after return locker key)
  • 02-2228-2913