DDS Instruction


DDS Instruction

DDS for materials library holdings do not contain

The materials library holdings does not contatin can be delivered by requesting to Korean Medical Library Association. If your target article is not exists in Korean Libraries, you can get the full text by requesting abroad.
Available users
  • Staff and faculty of Yonsei University Health System
How to apply
  • Access MEDLIS , search from a catalog, and request aDDS.Or you can request to medical library on Request DDS form with detailed citation and your contact information. (You have to specify the scope of application, library holdings, domestic, overseas etc.) 
    The contents of the application can be found in My Library’s “DDS”.
신청비용(연세의료원 소속 교직원 및 학부·대학원생)
  • 요금은 다음 계좌로 입금하여 주시기 바랍니다.
    우리은행 00112131461000 ( 예금주 : 연세의료원 )
Scope How to apply Time cost Remarks
Domestic Library FAX 1 day 200won /Page, minimum fee 600 won
post 6 days Base rate is 1,000won + 50won /Page
United States FAX 1 to 2 days Black & White 15,000 won 50 pages per issue
Color 17,000 won
England FAX 2 to 3 days British Library fee + commission 1,000 won (about 2 ~ 150 thousand won) Can be varied by exchange rates and royalty

DDS for materials library holdings contain

This is a service that we provide a copy of a material our library holdings contatin.
Available Users
  • All domestic users
  • Foreign research information center holidings is free for all domestic users 외국학술지지원센터
How to apply
  • You can save the required papers from the search results of PubMed, and then send them to the library by mail(이메일 by MEDLIS,and the DDSform.(You have to specify the scope of application, library holdings, domestic, overseas etc.) is also available. You can find out the records of application at “My Library “.
Application fee
Application fee
object How to apply Time cost Remarks
Affiliated to YUHS Normal Within 12 hours free
Nonmember FAX 1 day  1,000won + 500won/ Page Free for FRIC holding journals
Post 6 days 1,000won + 200won/Page
Express Mail 2 days 2,500won + 200won/Page
  • Please note that if you do not visit and recive the paper within one month, your book loan and ID usage will be suspended.
  • Medical library members (alumni, selected co-op physicians) can apply up to 50 times a month.